Moan Out Louder Protein Shakes: Organic, No Added Sugar, Gluten-Free: How to Make Simple, Natural, and Delicious Protein Shakes at Home

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Moan Out Louder Protein Shakes is the ultimate collection of all-natural protein shake recipes that are so delicious, you'll moan out loud at first sip. Created by a fitness expert and food lover, Moan Out Louder Protein Shakes brings decadent, creamy, fruity, tart, rich, and chocolatey recipes into your life that will help you satisfy your sweet tooth, without creepy ingredients, and keep you on track toward achieving your fitness goals. These recipes are all-natural, gluten-free, soy-free and contain no added sugar. And, they are absolutely delicious. What else is different about this book? + 60 NEW simple and streamlined recipes in 90 beautiful pages + Macronutrient numbers included (calories, protein, fat, and carbs) + Texture and crunch craving slayers + Fabulous new flavors and superfoods like cold brew, dragonfruit, mama, chai, and more + Recipes that contain whole foods protein powders + Recipes already entered into My Fitness Pal for you (a popular, easy to use diet logging app)! + More coffee shop inspired-shakes + Minimum 20g protein per serving Moan Out Louder Protein Shakes will help you: + Get rid of that pesky sweet tooth, once and for all + Satisfy your cravings for rich chocolate, tart and fruity flavors, crunch, texture and more + Meet your daily protein goals through real, whole foods + Promote muscle growth and a healthier metabolism + Keep your immune system strong through important micronutrients + Help you keep track of important macronutrients too (proteins, fats, carbs) + Promote healthy skin, hair, and nails + Help improve your digestive system through important, probiotic-rich foods + Help you lose stubborn fat and keep it off + Encourage better sleep and more energy + Help you feel satisifed and nourished for longer + Help you accomplish your fitness and physique dreams