20 Quick and Easy Christmas Desserts Inspired by Hansel and Gretel: Plus Bonus Content for Book Clubs Studying Hansel and Gretel, Les Miserables, and ... (Twenty Twenty Books and Food) (Volume 1)

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This Christmas season installment of the 20/20 Books and Food Series brings together Hansel and Gretel, Les Miserables, and The Hunger Games. A copy of the classic Grimms’ fairy tale is included in this book.

If you’ve always thought that books were delicious...

The 20/20 Books and Food Series is the series that dessert lovers and book clubs have been looking for, but didn’t know it. This book series brings together twenty thought-provoking book club questions and twenty recipes in the same book. Each book in the series is really two books in one. The first part of the book gives you popular Christmas season recipes. The second part of the book gives you questions to make any book club party or cookie exchange all the more lively.

Additionally, these are no ordinary conversation starters. While most book club questions lists feature subjects like theme and plot -- (although you’ll get those, too, with this series) -- none specifically highlight the role that food plays in novels. The topic of food provides a thematic bind between each book featured in this cookbook/ book club guide -- books that your club might have never thought of reading together, but once you do, you’ll wonder how you could have missed the connection between them.

And at least one of the three stories featured in this installment of the 20/20 series provides inspiration for the decadent dessert recipes found in this cookbook.

Food. Books. Friends. No doubt about it. The 20/20 Books and Food Series is the best collection of questions and recipes designed to help your club cook up interesting and memorable book club conversations and decadent food.

This edition of the 20/20 Books and Food Series includes the following recipes:

1. Pumpkin Spice Chocolate Chip Cookies 2. Gingerbread Cookies Recipe 3. Ginger Snaps Cookies 4. Homemade Vanilla Wafers 5. Ginger-Molasses Cookies 6. Pecan Macaroons Cookies 7. Coconut Macaroons Cookies 8. Almond Macaroons Cookies 9. Sand Tarts / Sugar Cookies 10. Fresh Apple Cake 11. Five-Minute Hot Chocolate Cake 12. Fried Donuts Recipe 13. Yeast Donuts 14. Pumpkin Nutella Bread 15. Peanut Butter Bread 16. Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins 17. Banana Zucchini Bread 18. Spiced Buttercream Icing 19. Cream Cheese Icing Recipe 20. Cranberry or Raspberry Coulis