Mama Instant Noodles Yen Ta Fo Tom Yum Hot Pot Flavor 60 G. Pack 10

  • O Sweet Taste Delectable.
  • Through The Production Process Has Been...
  • So Delicious It Should Be Refrigerated.
  • Clean, Safe For Consumers
  • Production Of Fruit Quality.
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MAMA Thai Noodle partner in Thailand for more than 42 years, has been the most popular. And best-selling As food for the whole world, if you are the one who never ate shrimp in this unique opportunity you will try to tell the whole world to know that I eat soup in Thailand, delicious, fast and convenient. if you have food in your kitchen, you are able to taste the soup every day, every time you eat, like shrimp in Thailand. How to cook instant noodles 1. Prepare boiled fresh water 2. Unpack the noodles and put them into the bowl. 3. Pour hot water into the bowl ( not too much), cover the lid and allow the noodles to be soaked for 3-5 minutes. 4. Put ingredients and mix them with noodles. (Recommend adding shrimp, pork and vegetables to add flavor to soup. )