How To Make Perfect Pastry Dough - Every Time (Victoria House Bakery Secrets Book 1)

Victoria House Bakery Secrets
Hello, I'm Victoria and I love to bake. My house is always filled with the smells of fresh baked bread, pies, cakes and savory treats. I want to share with you, not just a few recipes, but the true secrets to successful baking.

In this series I will share the tips and tricks I've learned from many years of making pastry, dough and batter.

It's time to throw away your packages of cake mixes and frozen bead dough. get out the eggs, milk and flour and create your own fresh bakes goodies.

How To Make Perfect Pastry Dough
What better place to start than learning the secret to making perfect pastry every time. Use this easy, yet surprisingly different, pastry dough recipe and your pastry will always be perfect. Follow these detailed, step-by-step instructions and you'll make a delicious, flaky pastry every time.

I'll even show you how to re-use pastry scraps, store unused pastry dough, bake blind (empty) pastry shells and more.

As a special treat I've included my award-winning apple pie recipe, my favorite butter tart recipe and instructions on how to use this pastry to make a steak and kidney pie.