Fengbao Ice Ball Maker - 4 x 4.5 cm 4 Sphere Mold Ice Cube Tray. Ice Press Alternative (single pack)

  • Spheres have less surface area than equivalent...
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe
  • Easy-release food-grade BPA-free silicone tray...
  • Makes perfect 2" ultra-slow melting ice spheres...
  • Great housewarming or hostess gift
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If you would love to have ice in your drink, wouldn't you prefer Sphere Ice Balls?

"I now enjoy my whiskey the way it was meant to be..."

- FROZ Sphere Ice Ball Maker is easy to use
- Made from 100% food grade BPA Free, FDA Approved silicone material - Makes perfectly seamless ice balls! Treat a whiskey/scotch lover to FROZ Ice Balls.

Primarily designed to let whisky drinkers drink in style, with spheres that instantly chill but melt very, very slowly, not watering down the whisky. These molds can also double up as a super-fun accessory to make flavored ice for kids, kids who will go bonkers for a spherical shape of their favorite flavored ice treats.

FROZ Ice Mold makes sphere ice that have smaller surface area relative to its mass and melts more slowly, chilling your drink evenly without diluting it - making it much preferred than traditional ice cubes.

If you love hosting cocktail parties or enjoy a drink now and then as a relaxing bookend to your day, you'll want to try this new trend at home. Order more than one so you won't run out of ice in any of your favorite gatherings.

- Enjoy your favorite cocktails without diluting them as quickly. One large ice ball melts more slowly than many cubes in a glass
- FROZ Ice Ball is continuously defined by its unprecedented elegance and versatility. A unique beautiful serve with the benefits of maximum chill with minimum dilution
- The ice cannot absorb odor from the freezer. This makes it the freshest, cleanest tasting ice ever
- Our new ice ball molds make 4 x 4.5cm ice spheres that fit ever so perfectly in a rocks glass. Give them a try, you won't be disappointed.
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