The Jellinator Top 100 Jello Shot Recipes

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The Jellinator TOP 100 JELLO SHOT RECIPES BOOKLET Need a great jello shot recipe for a special occasion? How about 100 jello shot recipes formulated and tested in the Jellinator test kitchen! Trish Piazza, inventor of the The Jellinator, gives you all her secrets to perfect jello shots every time. She answers all those burning jello shot questions regarding how much liquor to buy, storage questions, special diet questions or substitutions, how to layer shots, and how to make a recipe for white jello. We've got you covered! Anyone can make jello shots, but we have THE BEST jello shot recipes. The recipes are sorted by liquor, occasion, and color. No crazy, exotic ingredients here! Jellinator recipe ingredients are easy to find, and won't break the bank either. Plus, you'll find tons of jello shot making tips and tricks, as well as party planning ideas. After all, we are the party experts! This reasonably priced booklet makes a great gift or addition to a Jello Shot Gift Basket. 40 pages.