How to Day Trade: A Complete Guide to Make Money Online, Trading on How to Day Trade (Options Trading)

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Day trading is a risky endeavor that typically produces more tales of failure than success. However, before you give up on day trading, it’s essential that you recognize the mistakes that cause so many day traders to fail. In addition to choosing the wrong stocks traders who fail to manage risk, are unable to find proper entries, and do not recognize the importance of following the rules that go with proven strategies, will continue to lose in the market without understanding why. This book will introduce you to the fundamentals of predicting volatility and risk management. Using the strategies and tips for selling and buying, you will learn to minimize your risk and maximize your profit. This guide will act as your roadmap for getting back on the pathway to successful day-trading. You will learn: Chapter 1: How Fear Can Lead To Failure Chapter 2: Managing Risks Chapter 3: Stock Selection Chapter 4: Reading Candlesticks Chapter 5: Using Candlesticks Chapter 6: Daily Chart Patterns Chapter 7: Brokers and Orders Chapter 8: Building Momentum Chapter 9: Trading In Reverse Chapter 10: Using Scanners to Build a Watch List Chapter 11: 3 Steps to Success Scroll up now, and to cart to purchase your 'How to Day Trade' now!