Shocking SMOOTHIE RECIPES will make HIM a Demon Lover: How to make a smoothie: simple smoothie recipes, best smoothie recipes,yogurt smoothie, healthy fruit smoothie, breakfast smoothies

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This book includes:В - Ingredients pictures and photos of the final result (smoothie)
- Description of the main benefits of each smoothie recipe, which are highlighted
- Step-by-step cooking directions
- Useful tips (decoration, extra advices, additional information concerning ingredients)
- 5 pages for your Personal NOTES (to write your thoughts, ideas, results)

This book explains:В - the hidden meaning of love and sex
- how to make a smoothie: not only delicious, but also healthy and beneficial for body and soul
- how to make the best smoothie suitable exactly for your man and you
- how to solve sexual disorders with the help of adding special ingredients
- how to get your intimate relationships back on track

What kind of smoothie recipes are there inside the book?
- Fruit smoothies
- Vegetable smoothies
- Yoghurt smoothies
- Fruit and vegetable smoothie
- Smoothies with nuts
- Smoothies with spices
- Green smoothies
- Vitamin smoothies
- Chocolate smoothies
- Coffee smoothies

This book is destined to become your indispensible guide that will help to discover the sweet pleasure of smoothie taste and unveil the byways of your sexuality.