PetFinder PetID Smart Pet ID Tag

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Best Mobile Solution to Find Your Lost Pet!

Everyday pets go missing across the world. As animal lovers, we have found the solution for you to find your missing pet or connect one with its owner wherever you are.

Imagine you are walking outside and you see a dog or cat without its owner, you can take out your mobile, open PetFinder app and scan its PetID. Instantly the app recognises the PetID and you can contact the owner through the app. In no time the pet will be reunited with its family.

To scan the found animal you don't need to get in contact, you can scan the pet up to 50m radius, so you don't have to go near him in case the dog or cat is fearful or aggressive. It works cross-border and there is no difference in which country or state you lose or find the animal. The solution works globally.

PetFinder app is free for everyone. You don't have to own a pet to use the app.

The PetFinder PetID is based on Apples iBeacon technology.

The team behind the solution is dog breeders, dog and cat owners and software developers. We know what pet owners need and how to make it work!
Helping lost pets back home, to be united with it's family again, and everyone is happy!

Be Safe, Be Cool - Never Lose Your Pet Again!