The Wilton Method: Baking Basics

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Bake the perfect cake — every time! Learn the skills to make a classic yellow cake with rich chocolate filling and scrumptious buttercream icing.

Make cakes with no crumbs, no crowning and no cracking, so you have a flawless decorating surface — every time! Join pastry chef Beth Somers as she demystifies bakeware, pan preparation and measuring techniques. You’ll learn the proper way to combine your ingredients and avoid over-mixing, so you always end up with a tender cake. Then, you’ll see how to level the top of your cake and cut it into layers to make room for your luscious, homemade filling. Beth also will teach you how to use a spatula to spread smooth, crumb-free icing and another “tip” for achieving a rich, textured look. To top it all off, you’ll pipe an easy, elegant star border and embellish further with wonderful decorations!

What you get:
  • More than 2 hours of HD video with anytime, anywhere access
  • Close-up instruction on how to create two projects
  • Class materials that include all of the recipes you’ll need and a comprehensive supply list
  • Answers from Beth in our virtual classroom
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  • Watch classes on your own schedule: wherever, whenever you want
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  • 100% money back guarantee
Lesson plan:
  1. Getting Started (9:36)

    Meet Beth Somers, the Test Kitchen Manager for Wilton Enterprises, as she leads in-depth discussions on bakeware and pan preparation.

  2. Measuring Ingredients (10:38)

    Learn how to accurately measure all of your ingredients, whether wet or dry, and the proper baking tool for doing so.

  3. Mixing & Baking the Cake (13:54)

    Mix your batter adding just a few ingredients at a time before filling your cake pans and baking it to perfection.

  4. Making Chocolate Filling (7:03)

    Make a delicious chocolate filling as you learn how to separate an egg, steam milk and temper your filling.

  5. Making Buttercream Icing (14:37)

    Learn to make buttercream with the perfect consistency for whatever your purpose — icing a cake, piping decorations or even writing.

  6. Filling & Building the Cake (17:27)

    Expertly split two layers into four and then fill and stack them so that they are perfectly level and ready for icing.

  7. Two Ways to Ice a Cake (23:10)

    Beth shows you two ways to ice a cake: perfectly smooth for a sleek and modern look or with a spoon for a rustic effect.

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