Mediterranean Foods Inaudi dried porcini economical 250g

  • Ingredients: porcini mushrooms
  • Contents: 250g
  • Product Size (height X depth X width): 80mm X 240
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It was dried sliced ??mushrooms, porcini mushroom representative of the product introduction in Italy. Pasta, risotto, please use the ingredients of the omelet. Italian autumn of taste than Amazon! The porcini mushrooms were allowed to slice and dry. Slice the porcini mushrooms, which is a typical food of the taste and aroma that can not be lacking in Italian cuisine and is what dried. Rich aroma will spread to the mouth full. Specials [porcini risotto] material (2 servings): Dry porcini: 20g rice (those not sharpening): 150g, onions: 1/4 Maishiro wine: 30cc, consomme soup: 300cc, grated cheese: 30g salt and pepper : as appropriate, butter, olive oil: How to make appropriate: (1) the onion fried in olive oil, add the rice that is not sharpening. (2) cook the white wine, risotto adding a consomme soup. (3) salt, pepper Totonoe to taste, rice is to stop the fire with butter and cheese in addition When you cook, complete Kitara fluffy stir well. Porcini flavor of, risotto of the classic flavor of the cheese has been blend together. Even too much decorate the Italian autumn is famous cuisine. Inaudi, Inc., located in Northern Italy Piedmont is truffle, in the luxury food maker that handles a lot of, such as porcini, luxury food shops around the world, restaurant and delivered to the hotel. In addition, other than Piedmont Sicilian anchovies, Liguria olive oil, such as sun-dried tomato of Southern Italy, gathered taste rich memorabilia from throughout Italy, we have shipped to countries around the world in demanding under management, Ina Woody brand . Mediterranean Foods will deliver to everyone the rich food culture of the Mediterranean with a focus on Italy. Porcini and truffles, a variety of sources, the commodity which colors in gorgeous dining table and botargo (dried mullet roe) Thank a lot. And not just to sell, we also proposed a delicious way to eat. We are Inaudi's Japan sole import agent.