Money Making Parlour: 125 ideas for projects that can be run from the best room in the house to make money at home in an honest, legal and decent way

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The sub-title pretty much says it all. It starts with 125 ideas for business that were discovered in a book about how to make money with a museum piece aka typewriter. The author than adds her comments to these ideas. These comments bring the ideas up to date and point out the things that still work well in those business ideas.

Some things do not change even after 60 years. There are ideas in this book that have stood the test of time. Technology may have changed but the basics of how to make money at home have not.

The aim of the book is to help the reader come up with some ideas of their own. It is not for those who need to be spoon fed. It is for those who have the brains to think for themselves but are at a loss to know where to start.

Anyone who is looking to set a business on the side, especially one that is so small that it is off the radar for most support organisations will find this book useful. Why start such a small business? The idea is to use them for training purposes.

The majority of start-ups disappear within a year. If you have invested a lot of time and money into such a business then you will be left struggling. It is far better to start small and test yourself and the market to find out what works and what does not. Do this and it will be easier to adjust the idea so that it does not work. Not only that if you cannot make it work you have not lost as much. You will then be in a better position to try something else that works because you will have learnt from the experience and not be left so severely injured by it.

This book gives you loads of ideas on how to set up the kind of business that you can learn from and use as part of your own self-directed apprenticeship in business. If you need some inspiration about what you could do to make some money on the side then this is the book for you. The last thing you need is another hyped up manual that almost tells you of for not succeeding in business. This book recognises that success starts in small ways where you build one thing upon another. Ideas that help you stand up before you let go of the furniture and start to walk by yourself.