Gelatin Shots - Spirited Irish Recipes: How To Make Quick Irish Desserts and Easy Gelatin Shots for St. Patrick's Day Celebrations and All Days In-Between

Whether you're scouting new recipes for a St. Patrick's Day party, in love with the idea of adding favorite liquors to desserts, or an avid fan of exotic gelatin shots, this book is a perfect buy. Celebrate in style with a wide variety of elegant desserts and glamorous gelatin shots sure to wow your friends and family. Great tips and tricks for inventing your own spirit-infused creations. Tips included for making alcohol-free drinks for kids.

Over 35 must-have recipes. Printed length approximately 80 pages.


"Little did we know at the time that these recipes would be the beginning of many festive voyages into the land of exotic desserts. Today, friends and family stand once again over a table of miniature desserts, now more fanciful than before. Irish Stout Chocolate Cake topped with Whipped Irish Cream, miniature Coconut Cream Pies infused with whiskey and coconut spirits, and let’s not forget colorful layered gelatin shots that warm the cheeks as well as the atmosphere."

Table of Contents

Tips for Successful Gelatin Shots
Tips for Easy Clean-Up
Helpful Information on Proportions
Whiskey Rice Custard With Whipped Cream
Irish Stout Chocolate Custard With Whipped Cream
Whiskey Pineapple Gelatin Shot
Grandma’s Whiskey Gelatin Shot
Sour Puss Gelatin Shot
Whiskey Cider Gelatin Shot
Kiss Me, I’m Irish
Irish Cream No-Bake Cheesecake with Mango
The Banshee
Whiskey Pucker Gelatin Shot
Pineapple Pistachio Cream
Coconut Cream Pie
Nutty Chocolate Lover
Finnegan Wakes Up
Gold at the End of the Rainbow
Peach Cobbler
Whiskey Margarita Shot
Blackberry Blast
Chocolate Mint Cups
Pot o’ Gold
Irish Stout Chocolate Cake With Whipped Irish Cream
Lucky Enough
The Pooka
MacCool’s Cake
Children Of Lir
Irish Flag
Listing to Port
Spiced Orange Whiskey
Exploding Watermelon Shot
Spicy Leprechaun
Sparky Irishman
Key Lime Pie
Leaping Lizard
Cucumber Basil Whiskey Shot
Pear Caramel Whiskey Shot
Apple Spice Pie

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ISBN: 9781619796454