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  • Business 2 Community Business 2 Community

    5 Ways to Market Your Business Without Spending Money

    Business 2 Community - 07/20/16

    an excellent value whenever they spend money with you. Satisfied customers make positive referrals by word-of-mouth both in person and online. The best way to choose is to see which platforms your targets mostly use, and create your social

  • Yahoo Tech Yahoo Tech

    Now I Get It: Snapchat

    Yahoo Tech - 05/10/16

    Usually, what you post online is there forever. But even that function can be defeated using little hacks that are easy to find online. So I couldn't help wondering: Why would anyone risk sending naughty or risky stuff, knowing that it could be

  • Fox Business Fox Business

    Online Shopping Surpasses In-Store

    Fox Business - 06/15/16

    Do you find yourself increasingly buying your non-grocery items online? You're not alone. The annual United Parcel Service (UPS) Pulse of the Online Shopper™ survey found that, for the first time ever, online purchases of non-grocery items surpassed 

  • Fox Business Fox Business

    Finding Free Money to Help Pay for College

    Fox Business - 05/19/16

    We know college is expensive. Tuition at a private university can add up to more than $40,000 a year. Add in room, board, books and other costs, the bill could easily top $60,000 a year. A public college may be cheaper but still pricey at more than $30

  • Yahoo News Yahoo News

    The 82 coolest new features Apple just revealed

    Yahoo News - 06/17/16

    Most of the changes are minor. But here and there, Apple has dropped in some truly inspired features that will genuinely make life easier for its fans. Using your iPhone's fingerprint reader as security for web purchases you're making on your Mac

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