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    The Simple Way to Find Your Retirement Number - 07/24/16

    nest eggs for periods of 30 years or more. Even during past times of stock market turmoil, a balanced investment split between stocks and bonds has delivered solid enough returns to make it through tough conditions and still have money left for


    The Mind Games Investors Lose - 07/24/16

    The easiest way for mutual fund investors to gauge the performance of their investments is to pull up trailing- or calendar-year returns from a website like . With a few clicks, they can see how a given fund did on an absolute basis and

  • Chicago Daily Herald

    The easy way to simple, low-cost investing

    Chicago Daily Herald - 07/23/16

    I think I would like to put my money in an index fund. But how do I do it? Can you A: The easiest thing to do, particularly if you are uncomfortable starting an account online, is to visit a Schwab or Fidelity office in Dallas, transfer your


    Gold may not be as safe of a haven as you thought

    USA TODAY - 07/20/16

    For that portion of your real-asset allocation that you do decide to invest in gold, perhaps the easiest way to do so is via an exchange-traded fund: The SPDR Gold Trust (GLD). This ETF, which you can invest in as easily as any stock, is designed to

  • Seeking Alpha

    Forget The Stock Rally, The Big Money Is Elsewhere

    Seeking Alpha - 07/22/16

    The financial media has been filled with excitement about the U.S. stock market hitting new highs since mid-July. The implication is that big potential profits exist for investors based on this information, but even if that were the case (it certainly

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