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  • Allure Magazine (blog) Allure Magazine (blog)

    Meet Stephanie Nicole, the YouTube Beauty Blogger Who Isn't Afraid to be Honest

    Allure Magazine (blog) - 07/22/16

    Can you explain how a lot of bloggers are able to make money on their product reviews? "I'll get an email asking for a collaboration, and [the company] will pay me $2,000 for a video. Or they want me to do this product placement and I'd get a coupon

  • TechCrunch

    Warner Brothers fined for paying YouTube celebs to promote game

    TechCrunch - 07/12/16

    Warner Brothers didn't conduct the outreach itself — it used marketing firm Plaid Social Labs to do that — and it is fair to say that many bloggers do need to make money independently, sponsorship is one option, but this case shows that the process

  • Bustle Bustle

    11 People Confess Their Biggest Beauty Fails — PHOTOS

    Bustle - 07/20/16

    Clocking in at 13 years old, I convinced my mom that if I had saved enough pocket money, then I clearly had enough judgement to make my beauty vision work. I wanted stripy, pop princess-blonde highlights, and I Nikki continues, "I discovered the

  • Forbes Forbes

    How Former Teachers Now Earn Over $45000 A Month With Their Online Business

    Forbes - 07/15/16

    As someone who stumbled into starting an online business and has generated over $1 million in revenue from blogging, I love hearing stories of other successful online entrepreneurs. It's rare that you come across a couple who That money does float

  • The Hindu The Hindu

    Facing the camera

    The Hindu - 07/17/16

    Back home, the last five years have seen a slow, steady increase in the number of Indian YouTubers, and a large number of them seem to be focussing on content that ranges from fashion and make-up tutorials to do-it-yourself videos, chatty and candid

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