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    LETTER: Hunterdon County wasting money on golf clubhouse - 07/24/16

    The county is taking the hard-earned dollars from these businesses and using them to fund a competing business, a business that doesn't pay tax on it revenue, on its property, doesn't have to compete for financing, that has its capital improvements and

  • National Post National Post

    Meet the mysterious tycoon at the centre of half-a-billion in BC property deals

    National Post - 07/24/16

    Jiang's testimony does not make clear if Sun's earliest plans were for an investment fund for Chinese investors to buy B.C. property, or for investors in B.C. to buy Chinese real estate. However, a Bloomberg News profile of SunOil Ltd. president and

  • The Australian The Australian

    Mike Baird replaces consensus approach with driven leadership

    The Australian - 07/24/16

    No decision better epitomises the new-model Mike Baird, and the political script to go with it, than his announcement that the big-money NSW greyhound industry is to be shut down next year. Baird does not see it that way. He tells he


    5 Things To Know About Tim Kaine

    NPR - 07/22/16

    George Allen, ran attack ads linking Kaine to President Obama, whereas Kaine's campaign focused on a positive message. That approach might make it difficult for the Trump campaign to have success "getting under Tim Kaine's skin," former Virginia state 


    3 Reasons Why Facebook (FB) Is Just Getting Started - 07/22/16

    With all that they have on their plate, it is clear that Facebook is working towards ensuring that it does not become the next MySpace (sorry Tom). With a growing service as well as increased channels of revenue and innovation, there is plenty of

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