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  • Chicago Daily Herald Chicago Daily Herald

    Who are the people having the hardest time repaying student loans?

    Chicago Daily Herald - 07/24/16

    "The amount of extra money you make as a result of going to college is well in excess of the debt you incur or the cost of college." Despite a surge in federal student loan borrowing since the 2008 recession, nearly 60 percent of borrowers owe less

  • Asbury Park Press Asbury Park Press

    Does it ever make sense to co-sign a loan?

    Asbury Park Press - 07/24/16

    LOANS: Student loan debt kills graduates' startup plans. The most “You're betting on your child's job and your child having the integrity, and also the means, to continue making payments on the loan,” Cherin said. Ways to avoid it Schulz was


    The ultimate TV binge-watching guide: 46 classics, comedies and hidden gems - 07/24/16

    In the year-round TV schedule, finding a few weeks when there's not much new on our screens is a perfect opportunity to catch up on shows you've been meaning to watch. For your summer viewing pleasure, I've come up with a list of shows old and new, 


    Green Party's Jill Stein Wants To Be 'Plan B' For Bernie Sanders Supporters

    NPR - 07/24/16

    In a nutshell, the Green Party is the one national party that does not accept corporate money, lobbyist money, or have a superPAC. So we have What I say is that there's not enough difference to save your job, to save your life, or to save the

  • Forbes Forbes

    How Boomer Parents Can Stop Babying Their Millennials Financially

    Forbes - 07/24/16

    But when Archer's son graduated college last May with a job lined up, he returned home to study for CPA exams and save enough so he could afford to move out. He covered Without a plan, it's easy to spiral into judging and shaming. “Parents Pay

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