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  • New York Magazine New York Magazine

    Buzzfeed's Ben Smith on What's Wrong (and Right) With the Media

    New York Magazine - 07/24/16

    Some are easily intimidated, some tend be more queasy or want to please people. If you want to Yeah, I guess I sort of grew up in the New York world, internet, and you develop a thick skin there. Have you ever And then you make sure you slip

  • MarketWatch MarketWatch

    How to buy stocks

    MarketWatch - 07/24/16

    You could invest in the best company, but if you're overpaying for it, you could end up losing money because the stock price already reflects the reason you're buying the stock. Hunches and Don't make investment decisions solely on one or two

  • Daily Kos Daily Kos

    Sextortion: To convict a creep

    Daily Kos - 07/24/16

    In addition to the cases highlighted last week in Sextortion: Virtual sexual assault, wherein predators victimized women and children of both sexes and extorted sexual content, another aspect of online sextortion involves extortion for money. In this

  • Economic Times Economic Times

    8 things to keep in mind when buying a TV

    Economic Times - 07/24/16

    Internet connectivity on a TV has multiple benefits: You can access ondemand multimedia content, keep a tab on your social networks and, in some cases, even make video calls. You will need to check if the TV has built-in WiFi or supports external WiFi

  • CounterPunch

    Cryptography as Democratic Weapon Against Demagoguery

    CounterPunch - 07/25/16

    Our innocence about these individuals makes us easy prey. How can ordinary . This process leads to both creation of money and validation of transactions and it is designed to create economies of scale, with rewards incentivizing all players to

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