A Big Bet That Gene Editing Will Cure Human Disease - MIT Technology Review

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Huddled with Wall Street investment bankers outside a hotel ballroom in downtown New York last January, Katrine Bosley was getting some sobering news. The stock market , falling since early December, was continuing to dive, with her industry, biotechnology, especially hard hit. via

Morning News Call - India, July 25 - Reuters

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GMF EMEA - FX WEEK AHEAD with Reuters FX analyst Jeremy Boulton Join Reuters FX analyst Jeremy Boulton at 1530 IST for a look at the week's top topics and implications for the FX market. To join the conversation, click on the link: here INDIA TOP NEWS. via

The Mind Games Investors Lose -

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Not really, which is a key reason why most investors would be smart to analyze a fund's investor returns, too. Investor returns, also known as dollar-weighted returns, measure how the average investor fared over a given time period by incorporating the impact of cash inflows and outflows. via

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    A Big Bet That Gene Editing Will Cure Human Disease

    MIT Technology Review - 07/25/16

    Now the company has to make its technology work. by Nanette The previous year had been the worst for new stock offerings in the history of the tech-heavy Nasdaq, and now Bosley had to persuade the roomful of investors lunching on the other side of

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    Morning News Call - India, July 25

    Reuters - 07/25/16

    Union Bank reports cyber breach on offshore account Union Bank of India Ltd said on Friday one of the bank's offshore accounts was breached in a cyber attack, but the money trail was traced and the movement of funds was blocked. Kia Motors expected


    Meet the Press - July 24, 2016 - 07/24/16

    The stock market's higher now than it was when it happened. And by the way, So that they could beat the United States when it comes to making money, in other words, foreign trade--. CHUCK TODD .. And they said, "He didn't do it fast enough


    The Mind Games Investors Lose - 07/24/16

    The easiest way for mutual fund investors to gauge the performance of their investments is to pull up trailing- or calendar-year returns from a website like . With a few clicks, they can see how a given fund did on an absolute basis and

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    19 Ways to Save Money on Shoes

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    If you always seem to be in the market for a new pair of shoes, or just want to build up your current collection, make sure your shopping habits don't break your budget. Whether you've got your eye on a new pair of boots or some designer stilettos

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