Maharashtra MPs spending MPLAD funds miserly - Daily News & Analysis

As per the latest government statistics, state's Lok Sabha members have managed to spend only Rs 205 crore of the MPLAD funds out of their. via

How college dropouts Ajay Thakur and Bhupinder Nayyar built a blogging website and reached 76000 monthly active ... -

As they say, “Failure is the key to success. ” Failure did not stop these backbenchers of Brahmrishi Mission School, Kullu (Himachal Pradesh) from creating a blogging website in the urge to make money and try something new. via

Lens on cash deposits, property deals: Income-tax office to issue 7 lakh notices - Economic Times

The income-tax office will shortly issue 7 lakh notices to fish out details on cash dealings, property purchases and conspicuous consumption from earnings that are suspected to have escaped tax. The move is believed to be aimed at nudging individuals as well as businesses to declare. via

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