3 Things You Shouldn’t Buy Generic

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Being frugal is a good thing, but sometimes it goes too far. On the website Poverty Living , an author cites instances in which people take frugality to the extreme. These are the types of things you may see on the TLC show Extreme Cheapskates. via The Cheat SheetThe Cheat Sheet

The more I see Donald Trump, the more I love my car

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Once upon a time on this blog, I was accused of creating “haigiography of a gas guzzling testament to why we don’t have widespread public transportation” in my tribute to Betsy, a gold, 1968 Mustang that saved me as much as I saved her. via First Draft

Season 3, Episode 16: Better Shop Around

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It’s also having its GRAND OPENING today. Even though this means the end of smaller, family-owned stores like the Shop’N’Spend, I like it when we open at a third location, because the exposition emerges more organically. via Perfect Strangers Reviewed

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