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  • Fox News Fox News

    Airbnb sues San Francisco over rental regulations

    Fox News - 07/25/16

    Last month, the Anaheim City Council voted to phase out and ban short-term rentals in the home of Disneyland. This month, the city Airbnb supporters say they couldn't continue to live in San Francisco without the extra money they make renting out

  • The Boston Globe The Boston Globe

    Banks try anew to push small business loans

    The Boston Globe - 07/24/16

    This year, the Federal Home Loan Bank of Boston, which acts as a bank for local financial institutions, set aside $15 million over three years to encourage more small loans to businesses. The federal money will subsidize the interest rate on loans that

  • Bloomberg Bloomberg

    Will Robots Ravage the Developing World?

    Bloomberg - 07/24/16

    Mobile phones are the much-cited example of this phenomenon: Thanks to cellular, poorer countries have been able to reap all the advantages that phones brought without the expense of laying land lines. In the digital age, it's possible China has

  • The New Yorker The New Yorker

    Why Did Google Erase Dennis Cooper's Beloved Literary Blog?

    The New Yorker - 07/24/16

    In the early afternoon of June 27th, the writer Dennis Cooper was working on his computer, at his home in Paris, when his Gmail suddenly reloaded and logged him out of his account. When he tried to Blogger's content-policy page lists violations

  • Tulsa World Tulsa World

    Way back when: Today in history

    Tulsa World - 07/25/16

    The Capitol without a dome “is a statement of our poverty.” Finishing it will be “a statement of our prosperity.” The Capitol was completed in 1917, but the dome was never built because of a combination of politics, a lack of money and a shortage of

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