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  • Business Standard Business Standard

    Make money from your blog, video

    Business Standard - 07/24/16

    Once she had about 100 videos with a sizeable viewership in six months, YouTube got in touch with her asking her if she would like to monetise them. Today, her channel gets about 500,000 to 600,000 views per day. She uploads an average of two to three 

  • Digital Music News Digital Music News

    My Chemical Romance Demonstrates How NOT To Use Social Media

    Digital Music News - 07/25/16

    These days, many major artists don't even need to pay to advertise their new song or album; a post on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram will guarantee a few million YouTube views or Spotify streams. And who knows, maybe even a few of them will actually

  • Wall Street Journal Wall Street Journal

    Facebook to Pay Internet Stars for Live Video

    Wall Street Journal - 07/19/16

    Mr. Piques, who is 30 years old and lives in Los Angeles, is among nearly two dozen YouTube creators, Vine stars and internet personalities Facebook is paying to create live broadcasts, according to a document reviewed by The . Last

  • Forbes Forbes

    Up Close With Beckii Cruel, YouTube's Original Superstar

    Forbes - 07/15/16

    After becoming the 17th most subscribed-to user in Japan on YouTube in 2010, the British teen, known then as Rebecca Anne Flint, caught the attention of and signed with a talent agency, Life is So Cruel, Inc. Under her new stage name, Beckii Cruel, the

  • Tech Insider Tech Insider

    These sisters gained YouTube stardom and billions of views simply by reviewing candy

    Tech Insider - 06/27/16

    The sisters started making videos just for fun, and while they still enjoy doing it, now they also make money from it. Though Jillian and Addie (and their dad) declined to say how much money they made from these videos, the 10 top-earning YouTube stars

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