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  • Bleacher Report Bleacher Report

    China's Path to Football Superpower

    Bleacher Report - 07/14/16

    Rich men, it was presumed, were above the need to make comparatively small sums in match fixing. Instead, they have spent huge amounts of money securing the services of international players as well as investing in top European clubs. These players 

  • New York Times New York Times

    The Secrets of the Wave Pilots

    New York Times - 03/17/16

    These green dots and doughnuts make up two parallel north-south chains, separated from their nearest neighbors by a hundred miles on average. Swells generated by distant storms near Alaska, Antarctica, California and Indonesia travel thousands of miles 

  • The Union Leader The Union Leader

    Merrimack officials dumbfounded by sick-looking mystery animal

    The Union Leader - 06/23/16

    MERRIMACK — A strange, sickly-looking animal — most likely a coyote pup or fox — is causing alarm in town as officials decide what to do with the unusual animal. “It looks like it is out of a horror movie,” said Lt. Matthew Tarleton of the Merrimack

  • The Union Leader The Union Leader

    Man questions how family dog drowned in uncovered well in Durham

    The Union Leader - 06/06/16

    The couple says they did not know the well was on their property, and if they had they would have done everything in their power to make sure it was safe. “We'll make sure this never happens again,” Shaheen said. By 1 p.m. Friday, the well was covered

  • The Union Leader The Union Leader

    Man who kicked Teddy the dog goes on trial

    The Union Leader - 06/23/16

    Members of “Justice For Teddy,” a group that formed after his death and raised money to pay for a necropsy of Teddy, attended the trial wearing “Justice for Teddy' T-shirts. About five days after Teddy's death, he was dug up for the necropsy, which was 

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