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  • Motherboard

    A Fresh Wave of Startups Is Driving Wine Buying Into the 21st Century

    Motherboard - 07/22/16

    Draconian post-Prohibition laws regulating alcohol sales in the United States make it hard to sell wines across state lines thanks to varying rules around taxation, labeling, and other bureaucratic nonsense designed to halt the flow of fermented grape


    Forum addresses tough topics of crime, rehabilitation, recidivism - 07/17/16

    "Somebody who is addicted to drugs should not be in prison with people who are dangerous and who they have to now deal with coming off of drugs," Balicki said. Melissa Niles The bail reform will make the system more fair and keep low-level

  • The Guardian The Guardian

    Are grey goods the real deal?

    The Guardian - 07/09/16

    “If the brand owner has misjudged the size of a market in one country and an official distributor has surplus stock, parallel traders make a handsome profit by selling the surplus to buyers in countries where the goods are not authorised to be sold

  • Recode Recode

    You can now buy, sell and test-drive used cars from your phone using the Shift app

    Recode - 07/06/16

    Companies like eBay motors and Beepi — which has a similarly sleek app — have rolled out their own apps that, together, make it easy to buy and sell used cars, particularly since you can compare cars on each of these online retailers. Although many

  • PC Advisor PC Advisor

    Is G2A safe? | How does G2A work?

    PC Advisor - 07/12/16 is a website that - like Gumtree or ebay - brings together buyers and sellers of grey-market game keys for PC games and activation codes for PSN and Xbox Live credit, as well as codes for other software. To be clear, G2A expensive. This

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