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  • Motley Fool Motley Fool

    Can YouTube Get Its Mojo Back From Facebook and Twitter?

    Motley Fool - 07/14/16

    There are no ads on the video, and certainly not any that she can profit from directly. Unlike YouTube, which has a partnership program where those updating original video can get the lion's share of an ad revenue split with Alphabet, Facebook and

  • Forbes Forbes

    Up Close With Beckii Cruel, YouTube's Original Superstar

    Forbes - 07/15/16

    People think that you just upload a video and you make really big money. I try to tell people it's really not like that. For some people it can be, but nowadays it's very easy to work out what people are earning based on their adsense alone. If you


    Ways to Make Passive Income Online - 07/20/16

    Passive Income Online. Passive income has widespread appeal – everyone likes the idea of getting a lot of money without having to work for it. However, the reality of passive income is very different. Successful passive income models typically involve

  • Business 2 Community Business 2 Community

    50+ Ways to Spread Your Word on the Internet

    Business 2 Community - 07/19/16

    YouTube: Everyone from Facebook and Google to your neighborhood bakery are already here. All you need It's video marketing without the need for much user action. Don't let it It may cost you more than publishing your own content, but it does

  • Adland Adland

    Step aside RIAA, the new creators care about copyright now.

    Adland - 07/16/16

    A TL;DR for people who don't read articles all the way through because words: The whack-a-mole DMCA system is as bad for Youtube content creators as it is for rich musicians. Back in June, Taylor Swift, Paul McCartney, Cee Lo Green and one hundred 

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