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  • Forbes Forbes

    Is 'Pokémon GO' A Game For Urban Elites?

    Forbes - 07/24/16

    I'm nowhere near being able to make a definitive statement, but within Philadelphia I've noticed that Pokéstop density certainly seems to correlate with income levels — not surprising, but disappointing. A game like this can do so much to bring people


    Ker-Chunk Founder Molly Proffitt's Part in Game Developer Barbie - 07/24/16

    We continued to take client work in industry, made strategic partnerships, built advisory board and at this time are seeing people spend money in a game that is live on Facebook without funding. Most businesses do not make it this far. We'll continue

  • Business Insider Australia Business Insider Australia

    Why consumers will pay for a coffee but not your app

    Business Insider Australia - 07/24/16

    A decade or two ago before mobile apps ever existed, you would pay anywhere between $30 – $80 for a computer game (upwards of $110 for a new Xbox or PlayStation game today). But now In fact, it's estimated that only one per cent of app developers

  • New York Daily News New York Daily News

    Yankees are filled with All-Stars of back-end contracts

    New York Daily News - 07/24/16

    Here is what the Yankees really are, whether they make a run in August or September or don't: They are the capital of the back-ends of contracts. Maybe that's why we already start to hear about a kind of shell game that the Knicks used to play all the

  • Lifehacker Australia Lifehacker Australia

    Augmented Reality Showdown: Pokémon Go Vs. Ingress

    Lifehacker Australia - 07/24/16

    It was a location-based mobile game that set the stage for their next big game, Pokémon Go. Both are extremely fun and get you out of the house, but with very Ingress also has organised communities on Google+ and Facebook where you can make plans

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