7 Positive Life Lessons from #RUMI

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Its made me understand so many of life’s truths that sometimes when I sit to soak in his words, I am astounded by what they reveal. You can read the same poetry a hundred times over and each time you will come to understand another layer of the wisdom it offers. via *Positive Provocations*

ALIVE, THANKS TO AASRA --SIRAJ SYED (An article on Aasra in

Johnson Thomas is a film-critic, and, therefore, a professional colleague. Come to think of it, what does a film-critic look like. via save a life prevent a suicide

The Time I Stood Up

Late last year I decided to stand as a Candidate for the Green Party in the ward that I live in. Being a candidate was a real eye opener for me in dipping a toe in local public life. I was very lucky though to have the support of my friends and the party around me. I had an overall positive experience, though there were times when I wish I hadn't stood. via Sen La'Noire

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  • BBC News BBC News

    Qandeel Baloch: 'She was a girl just like you'

    BBC News - 07/21/16

    Originally hailing from a conservative village called Shah Saddruddin in South Punjab - where ancient traditions and customs still prevail - Qandeel moved to the city to make a future for herself. A local photographer from Multan claims she tried to

  • Huffington Post Huffington Post

    Pakistani Social Media Star Allegedly Strangled By Brother In 'Honor Killing'

    Huffington Post - 07/16/16

    Baloch is described as Pakistan's Kim Kardashian and had built a modeling career on the back of her social media fame. She recently also appeared in a music video, gyrating bare legged to an Urdu-language song in high-heels and a see-through top.

  • Thomson Reuters Foundation Thomson Reuters Foundation

    Pakistani social media star allegedly strangled by brother in "honour killing"

    Thomson Reuters Foundation - 07/16/16

    In Facebook posts, she spoke of trying to change "the typical orthodox mindset" of people in Pakistan. Punjab Police spokeswoman Nabeela Ghazanfar told Reuters Baloch, real name Fauzia Azeem, was killed on Friday night in her family home on the 

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    DoD, State partnering to fight ISIS online

    C4ISR & Networks - 07/11/16

    CYBERCOM's directive is to interrupt ISIS's “command and control, interrupt its ability to move money around, interrupt its ability to tyrannize and control population, interrupt its ability to recruit externally,” all of which is done in a cyber

  • TelevisionPost

    The Peace TV Affair

    TelevisionPost - 07/12/16

    Naik, who appears regularly on many international TV channels, launched Peace TV Urdu in June 2009, Peace TV Bangla in April 2011 and Peace TV Chinese in October 2015. Over a hundred of his The Peace TV website says that as of June 2015, Dr Zakir

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