Disability Insurance – An Uncertain Future?

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Last week two female claimants contacted me to inform that CIGNA had suddenly, and without good justification denied their claims. Of course CIGNA was offsetting SSA benefits and only paid her $770 per month, but still, as she told me tearfully, “that amount paid our rent. via Lindanee's Blog

Live Long and Prosper: Plenty

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Karl Marx (1818–1883):. William Wood, 9 years old, was 7 years and 10 months when he began to work …. He came to work every day in the week at 6 am, and left off about 9 pm …. Mary Anne Walkley had worked without pause 26½ hours, together with... via ScepticWatch

S’porean Navy scholar with computer science degree makes mark in international pop music and EDM

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We first met 33-year-old Tong earlier this year, in a cozy Lorong Chuan apartment, where. via Mothership.SG

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