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    AP ROUNDUP: Thousands of demonstrators hit streets in Philly - 07/25/16

    PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Thousands of demonstrators are taking to Philadelphia's sweltering streets Sunday, cheering, chanting and beating drums in the first major protests ahead of the Democratic National Convention, as the city wilts during a heat wave.

  • The News Tribune

    AP News in Brief at 6:04 pm EDT

    The News Tribune - 07/24/16

    PHILADELPHIA (AP) — On the heels of a tumultuous Republican convention, Hillary Clinton hopes her gathering in Philadelphia will show off a forward-looking Democratic Party united behind her steady leadership. But to do that, she must overcome 

  • Paste Magazine Paste Magazine

    Is Edward Snowden a Russian Agent?

    Paste Magazine - 07/21/16

    Hans-Georg Maassen provided the answer Schneier's question: disinformation. This piece will take you through some history of Russian intelligence operations, Snowden's background, and the saga itself in an attempt to paint a picture of a man

  • Yahoo Finance

    Yahoo News Video Transcription

    Yahoo Finance - 07/21/16

    And then, suddenly is legitimate for them to say it outside. Jorge: Well, what happened after I requested an interview with Donald Trump and he didn't answer my request I decided to go to Dubuque, Iowa, for a press conference with Donald Trump

  • (blog) (blog)

    How Manny Pacquiao Can Be Coaxed Into Fighting Again (blog) - 07/11/16

    The answer involves giving Manny a big task that stimulates his competitiveness. Give him something According to GMA News Online (and several other news outlets), the eight-division champ and his team have denied that a comeback date has been set

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