Plain Talking On Reasonable Plans In Garden Shed Plans

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These can also be used to pick up leaves that fall in autumn or debris that are blown into your garden. You can just throw it in the bathtub to wash it simple advice on rapid solutions for how to build a shed cheap or even take it outside and use the garden hose to clean it. If you have a riding mower, there is another alternative to shovelling that... via Life With Heathens

Can I do better?

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Have I jumped the shark. On September 20, 1977 a TV show gave birth to an idiom that now describes the downward spiral many face: jumping the shark. It was the fifth season premier of Happy Days when Henry Winkler’s character, Fonzie, ramp jumps with waterskis over a shark. via Signal v. Noise — Medium

Experts Weigh in on the Importance of Social Along the Customer Journey

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We are now undoubtedly in the “age of the customer” where a great customer experience is what sets brands apart and give them a competitive edge. “Eighty percent of companies expect to compete mostly on the basis of customer experience, versus 36 percent four years ago,” according to Gartner. via Hootsuite Social Media Management

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