Nevada divided over landmark school voucher program as it heads to top court - The Guardian

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here are cockroaches inside the lockers at Hyde Park middle school in Las Vegas, so Victoria Piñeiro, 13, carries her lunchbox, violin and heavy backpack with her all day long. And on hot afternoons, school is often canceled because the air conditioning has broken down. via

Resurgent Mexico - CounterPunch

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The price of cheap clothes, cheap drugs and cheap labor is paid by the hundreds of thousands dead and disappeared in the last decade alone. But from the South, an anti-thesis to empire shines, and the beginning of the world arises like a shining star whose five. via

Trump's businesses may be his biggest liability - Daily Kos

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Besides being the current Republican Party nominee for president, Donald J. Trump is world-famous largely for his business success. When it comes down to it, his business success is considered by many to be his greatest asset. via

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  • The Guardian The Guardian

    Nevada divided over landmark school voucher program as it heads to top court

    The Guardian - 07/25/16

    Critics of the vouchers say they will make a bleak situation worse – Nevada received the lowest grade in the nation, a D, in Education Week's 2016 state report card because of poor school funding, lackluster student achievement and dismal chances of

  • CounterPunch CounterPunch

    Resurgent Mexico

    CounterPunch - 07/25/16

    And here's the paradox: in the Lacondona, in el Sur, where everything moves slowly, political organization seems so much more advanced; while in el Norte, in the metropoles of the world, everything moves so quickly, and yet our organizations and

  • Daily Kos Daily Kos

    Trump's businesses may be his biggest liability

    Daily Kos - 07/24/16

    He claims that he'll “Make America First Again,” but the truth may be that the size and international scope of Trump's businesses place him in a historic ethical conflict of interest that may compromise and endanger the safety and interests of the

  • Latin Post Latin Post

    Immigration Advocates Blast Donald Trump's RNC Speech as 'Pure Hatred'

    Latin Post - 07/24/16

    Trump's overly-harsh rhetoric left many immigration advocates convinced that the conventional pivot to the middle many politicians make come general election season is not part of his game plan. "He started his campaign a Researchers added of the

  • Seeking Alpha Seeking Alpha

    Ability's Achilles' Heel

    Seeking Alpha - 07/25/16

    We are sharing the results of our in-depth investigative report on Ability Inc. and our opinion on the company. The marketability of ULIN may be severely challenged by major (undisclosed) shortcomings of the product. Sales of legacy products appear to

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