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  • Gamespresso

    Some players are making money while playing Pokemon GO

    Gamespresso - 07/24/16

    It seems as though some players have found ways to make a profit while playing Pokemon Go. All around the net, high level accounts with rare and high-level Pokemon have been popping up on sites such as eBay and Craigslist. are limited only by


    Pokémon Go masters are selling their accounts for thousands on eBay - 07/19/16

    One eBay user selling a Pokémon Go account for $1,800 (£1,370) wrote: “The game is great and I had so much fun for the past two and a half weeks but I'm afraid I [have come] to the point where I won't be able to play much because of work and studies.

  • Small Business Trends Small Business Trends

    Make Money, Get New Customers Now Thanks to Pokemon Go

    Small Business Trends - 07/23/16

    And it doesn't require you to really get too involved, so if you're not interested in Pokemon, just in the money and awareness it could bring your business, read on. Here's another reason . Does your business sell smartphones or tablets? Remind

  • Washington Post Washington Post

    In true Trump style, Ivanka Trump figures she can sell a few dresses off her convention speech

    Washington Post - 07/22/16

    Some are awkwardly earnest, such as this one, which posits that you might want to sell old Hillary Clinton merch on eBay. Don't have any? Well, "Consider Domain Squatting." (Don't do that, actually. You won't make any money anyway.) But that's not how

  • Washington Post Washington Post

    This could be a long 3½ months for Mike Pence

    Washington Post - 07/22/16

    For two, Trump's eBay comment risks missing the spirit of the convention itself: to celebrate the party, to unify it, to make money, yes, but from donors in high-level suites and not necessarily by selling tickets for it on eBay. On the scale of Trump

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