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  • Roanoke Times Roanoke Times

    Student scientist using GPS technology to track snakes in Blue Ridge Mountains

    Roanoke Times - 07/24/16

    The bulk of the money came from a $7,000 grant from South Carolina Independent Colleges and Universities Inc., an organization put in place to help fund projects like Bentley's. After all, there is no other way Bentley would rather spend his summer.

  • The Tennessean The Tennessean

    Free Nashville summer camp aims to close achievement gap

    The Tennessean - 07/25/16

    With tinfoil, empty cardboard boxes, and a collection of odd insulation-like sand, cotton balls and felt, these students attempt to build a contraption that will collect the most heat from the blistering midday sun. The end goal: tasty s'mores. "It's a

  • Inside Higher Ed Inside Higher Ed

    The undesirable consequences of the growing pressure on faculty to get grants (essay)

    Inside Higher Ed - 07/25/16

    In spite of the fact that published research does far more to enhance the reputation of a department and a university than grant money, administrators continue to cling to grant dollars as the single most important criteria for decision making. This

  • Herald-Mail Media Herald-Mail Media

    Shepherd establishes relief fund for students affected by flooding

    Herald-Mail Media - 07/24/16

    Earlier this month, the university launched the Shepherd Student Relief Fund to raise money for students from the flood-ravaged counties “who may be in danger of not returning to class or be unable to register as freshmen,” said Christopher E. Sedlock

  • The Exponent Telegram (press release) (registration) The Exponent Telegram (press release) (registration)

    School board stresses concerns and sets goals for upcoming school year

    The Exponent Telegram (press release) (registration) - 07/25/16

    Hogue suggested that in order to save time, money and resources for the board, some summer projects could be done bi-yearly instead of annually. “Perhaps “We are working to make the schools better for our students and our faculty,” he said. “The

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