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  • Los Angeles Times

    California Inc.: Tesla set to open its new 'gigafactory'

    Los Angeles Times - 07/25/16

    The factory is scheduled to make batteries for Tesla cars starting next year. A select number of Well groomed: Dollar Shave Club, one of the most recognizable brands to emerge from Los Angeles' start-up scene, set out to overhaul the razor blade

  • ZDNet ZDNet

    Four ways to make your business embrace innovation

    ZDNet - 07/25/16

    He cites the advances made by Swedish rail company Stockholmstag, which uses artificial intelligence to predict train delays before they occur, and then updates customers through an app. He also focuses on the importance of Simon Calver, chair of

  • New York Times

    Sponsored Content Takes Larger Role in Media Companies

    New York Times - 07/24/16

    publishers to make money from native advertising. Sponsored content — which, in 2016, often means video — is expensive to produce and difficult to do well. Controlling distribution, albeit through Facebook, was for some a more profitable lever

  • The Guardian The Guardian

    Can the internet reboot Africa?

    The Guardian - 07/25/16

    Millions in Africa have simply bypassed traditional infrastructure stages such as landlines and branch banking, skipping straight to cellular telephony and mobile money. The potential for further . Digitisation efforts include bringing businesses of

  • The Boston Globe The Boston Globe

    Banks try anew to push small business loans

    The Boston Globe - 07/24/16

    This year, the Federal Home Loan Bank of Boston, which acts as a bank for local financial institutions, set aside $15 million over three years to encourage more small loans to businesses. The federal money will subsidize the interest rate on loans that

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