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  • Financial Times Financial Times

    Indonesia's BRI embraces banking by satellite

    Financial Times - 07/24/16

    In the middle of last month, executives of Bank Rakyat Indonesia travelled 18,000km from Jakarta to the northern coast of French Guiana in South America to witness the launch of a rocket that would make the bank the world's first with its own satellite


    Silver COT Stuns: What's Going On Here? - 07/24/16

    In a note to clients this past week, JP Morgan states that retail investors stashed $10.2 BILLION into emerging market stocks and bonds, the second-largest amount on record, as recorded by a story on Dow Jones. I have stated all of this to make the


    The Mind Games Investors Lose - 07/24/16

    What accounts for a lot of the observed return gap is really this trend-chasing into either a hot manager or a hot asset class, only to be disappointed when the style or the asset-class performance subsequently mean-reverts. . But the point you make

  • Seeking Alpha

    There Seems To Be A Short-Term Opportunity In Best Buy

    Seeking Alpha - 07/25/16

    Best Buy Co Inc (NYSE:BBY) has had a volatile past few years and long term investors have lost on the whole. However the company presents with a short term gain opportunity. Evidence suggests that Best Buy is positioning itself to make the most of the

  • Malay Mail Online Malay Mail Online

    Investors want to have their corporate bonds and eat them too

    Malay Mail Online - 07/25/16

    Rising corporate indebtedness is fine as long as investors are willing to overlook it, but it's far from certain this dynamic can continue in the face of a slowing global economy, a US earnings recession, and nervous stock market investors. “Equity

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