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  • Money Magazine Money Magazine

    What the Clinton and Trump Tax Plans Would Mean For You

    Money Magazine - 07/25/16

    Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and his Democratic opponent Hilary Clinton—who will get the official nod from her party this week—offer Americans a stark choice in 2016, especially when it comes to taxes. You may already have a general 

  • WAMU 88.5

    Why Summer Jobs Don't Pay Off Anymore

    WAMU 88.5 - 07/25/16

    Add in a little pocket money, too — say $35 a week. That makes an extra So, to make $2,820 meant working 842 hours. That's 16 hours a Research shows that when college students work more than 20 hours a week their studies suffer. If they're


    Young Camden coach has inspired others, but doesn't have money to stay in college - 07/25/16

    He can't yet register for fall classes at Rutgers University-Camden because he owes money from last school year - about $8,000 that he believed was covered by state financial aid, but which Calderon recently learned wasn't coming because he didn't turn

  • Fairbanks Daily News-Miner

    Ways to start saving now to reduce regret later in life

    Fairbanks Daily News-Miner - 07/25/16

    All of us need to plan to save money to make that retirement landing just a little more comfortable. Whether you are 25 or 65, My expenses have gone down now that I'm not paying for child care, sports expenses or college expenses. There's a little


    Michigan's 4-year college 'success' rate rising, and four other facts - 07/25/16

    As scrutiny over student debt and rising tuition mounts, policy makers have put more emphasis on student outcomes at Michigan's colleges and universities. One key metric: Graduation rates. However, measuring whether students are earning degrees in a 

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