Fear and Loathing in Cleveland

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In 1973, Gordon Sinclair, a Canadian journalist, recorded an editorial about how exceptional and generous the United States was and about how unfairly it was treated by the world. Later that year, a Canadian broadcaster by the name of Byron MacGregor recorded the editorial for Westbound Records. via Spirit of a Progressive

MCC Kenya partners

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We took the 6+ hour drive out to western Kenya, around Kisumu, in early July to pick up one of our SALTer’s who was headed home after his 1 year term. There is a Generations at Risk (HIV/AIDS) project here, as there is at a number of places in western Kenya. Cristina comes. via Graber Neufeld in Africa

How to Care For Silkie Chickens

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Silkies can be housed in a garage, shed or in a simple chicken coop. Just make sure the housing is spacious enough so that you can clean it,. via How to of the Day

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    Life lessons from the farm

    WiscNews - 07/24/16

    Growing up on the farm taught me a great deal more about teamwork than athletics ever could. We spent hours playing hide and seek, jumping in the hay together and building forts or tree houses using whatever scrap materials we could find. Farming

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    Families with two working adults who earn the median household income -- which ranges from $30,900 to $56,050 depending on region -- spend more on transportation than housing costs in all but Missoula, Gallatin and Lewis and Clark counties, funding

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    John Witalison: Demon scream, or the day I beat Jesse Owens

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    Cherries were the cash crop that allowed the farm to survive. Rows of young and mature cherry trees, in their orderly checkerboard pattern, occupied several of the small patches. Pasture and hay fields filled out the mosaic. In that summer, our family

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    Town and country offer differing realities

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    She has had to cut back on her business repairing broken windshields to help nurse her husband after a series of farm accidents, culminating in his breaking his neck falling from a bale of hay. She collects newspaper Those fears inform Democrats

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    Olympic champ and coach brings runners to Detweiller at Dark

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    PEORIA — More than a half century after a historic Olympic run, young runners still want to learn from Bob Schul, the only American to win the gold medal in 5000 meters. Schul He made a personal appearance at Running Central the day before the

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