cochore at mon repos market. aka sloth rescue adventure. which all came about thanks to a plastic chinee toilet seat. keep reading

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i didn’t set out to be a chochore. truth be told, i wasn’t even 100% sure what a cochore was. so, 6 months shy of 40, i still wasn’t 100% sure what a cochore was. via freedombyanymeans

Sex For Grad Master (SGM) : My Stoty | EPISODE 4

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I visit him like a woman visit market. Dr Kuti is very sensitive and rumourous. Sometimes, he chats with me on WhatsApp, telling me his colleague told him skinny girls are more hotter and sweeter than thick girls on bed. He chats skinny girls are flexible on bed,. via Nigeria News Mill

A City Reclaimed, Chapter 2

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A City Reclaimed, Chapter 2 Exhausted, Gabriel drove his cart onwards. He was passing through Corveny’s slums when he suddenly remembered that he’d promised to look in on the oil-seller’s old mother. via My Exploding Cat

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    Life lessons from the farm

    WiscNews - 07/24/16

    Growing up on the farm taught me a great deal more about teamwork than athletics ever could. We spent hours playing hide and seek, jumping in the hay together and building forts or tree houses using whatever scrap materials we could find. Farming

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    Shortcuts? Don't count on them - Riverton Ranger

    The Ranger - 07/24/16

    People like a shortcut, a method of reducing time, labor or cost and often, all three.But success rarely comes in cutting corners, as many organizations have 

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    More and more Montanans depending on rural public transit

    Helena Independent Record - 07/24/16

    Families with two working adults who earn the median household income -- which ranges from $30,900 to $56,050 depending on region -- spend more on transportation than housing costs in all but Missoula, Gallatin and Lewis and Clark counties, funding

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    Town and country offer differing realities

    Columbia Daily Tribune - 07/24/16

    She has had to cut back on her business repairing broken windshields to help nurse her husband after a series of farm accidents, culminating in his breaking his neck falling from a bale of hay. She collects newspaper Those fears inform Democrats


    What it's like inside Daily Planet, Melbourne's most notorious brothel - 07/24/16

    It's believed he was shot in the car park of the Griffith Hotel and dumped in Hay about 150km away. An anonymous sex worker revealed what it was like to work at the brothel and told Reddit she would have about three clients a day during the week

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