July 22, 2016

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Photo by brizzle born and bred on Flickr
After we were ready, Robby woke the girls up. They came downstairs in decent moods and Campbell immediately asked me "what time do we have to be at the hotel. " I think she thought we were leaving early just to go to the hotel. Upstairs, Anderson was asking Robby if we were going to rest some more at the hotel. via Adventures in Dennieland...

Life lately

cake dessert chocolate sweets pops babyshower diapercake cakepops
Photo by herocakepops on Flickr
We've been going to the pool about once or twice a week, although it's slowing down now that I'm 37 weeks pregnant. Plus they want to play in the pool with me and I can't tend to both at the same time. via Little Bank Notes

Purrrrr-dy Prescott: A Writing Retreat

cake dessert chocolate sweets pops babyshower diapercake cakepops
Photo by herocakepops on Flickr
I'm leaving today to my favorite little place, Prescott, for one week (correction: work week, only five days, oops. ) I'm so giddy I just might blow up. I'm staying in two insanely fabulous little hotels for the supreme purpose of locking myself away, unplugging, for a writer's retreat so to speak. via lovely flame

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