Tofu shows it can play yet another part. This time, it acts like feta -

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I’ve baked it, fried it, steamed it and eaten it raw. I’ve crumbled it, seasoned it, and persuaded it to play the part of eggs (in a scramble and a salad) and even meat (in a "chorizo"). Feta — or perhaps I should say "feta. via

Anna Jones's hearty grain salad recipes - The Guardian

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am writing from a cabin in the hills of north Wales. The air is dense and filled with the smell of the grasslands, which roll down into the valley in front of the cabin. All I want to eat is a cold, fresh salad with a hit of citrus and spikes. via

2016 Best of DTLA: Staff Picks - LA Downtown News Online

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Tony Esnault became head chef of the esteemed Patina restaurant in Walt Disney Concert Hall in 2009. Four years and much praise later, he bolted to join forces with Church & State owner Yassmin Sarmadi. Now husband and wife, Esnault and Sarmadi debuted Spring in February, melding a drop-dead beautiful dining room with. via

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