I can see the end, I can I can! 58 out of 69 recipes cooked!

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The end date of this challenge is 28th July (when we hit 69 days of cooking) and that’s in just over two weeks from writing this post. We’ve cooked 58 recipes and have just 11 recipes to complete the challenge. via katyascakehole

Recipe Time: Beef Lo Mein and Mini Egg Rolls

Every now and then I get on a chinese food jag, where I crave it intensely for days on end. lo mein, chow mein, egg foo young, fried rice , chop suey. Bowling alleys and burger. via I Should Be Sleeping

4 Menus That Let You Make Takeout Restaurant Food at Home

Sometimes, though, all you really want is some crab rangoon and General Tso’s chicken, and it’s not possible to make those from home, right. Making classic takeout at home is a great way to save a little money and control things like fat and sodium. via The Cheat SheetThe Cheat Sheet

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