filling my present-day while on house arrest

Since the days now mostly consist of me trying to pass the time without going berserk, I think a game plan needs to be in place. I recall wishing to have more time to do other things I don't have time for once I started working again. via 安靜的風暴

AA in China

Linda couldn't find the van insurance (it's a work van). However, the police officer asks Linda to get out. They go to the front of the van and start talking and pointing at what looks to be the grill. via [TBD]

The Foodie's Guide to India

Although a great foodie, to be honest I've never been much of a cook (barring some basic stuff like tea and maggi of course). But nothing ventured, nothing gained. via The Fighter Within

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    P.F. Chang's cooks up their Kung Pao Shrimp and Spicy Eggplant

    KHON2 - 06/16/16

    4) In a hot wok or fry pan add in vegetable oil and stir fry dry chili pepper until it turns dark mahogany. 5) Then add in minced garlic, chili paste, and chopped scallions. Stir fry for a few seconds. 6) Add in the sauce recipe, bring to a simmer. 7

  • The Atlantic The Atlantic

    Young and Hmong in America The Midwest as a 'Hmong Queer San Francisco' To Be Both Midwestern and Hmong ...

    The Atlantic - 06/15/16

    I asked Vang if there's a YouTube version of his commencement speech and there is—embedded above (a text version is here). Another reader, Pao As I pursued field research on Hmong youth in the Upper Midwest, I became more and more convinced that

  • Fort Worth Star Telegram Fort Worth Star Telegram

    Exceptional recipes for heart-healthy salmon

    Fort Worth Star Telegram - 05/16/16

    For a meatier taste, try sockeye, often labeled “red salmon.” Tip: “Premium” canned salmon comes without skin or bones, while “regular” includes its skin (full of omega‐3s) and soft, edible, calcium-rich bones. Either type can be used in this recipe.

  • WCBD News 2 WCBD News 2

    Massive food recall underway due to listeria concerns

    WCBD News 2 - 05/12/16

    2-lb boxes containing “InnovASIAN Cuisine CHICKEN FRIED RICE ” with best-by dates ranging from 5/15/2015 to 4/09/2017. 20-oz packages containing “Trader Joe's Chicken Fried Rice” with case codes ranging from 261231 to 281211. 18-oz. bags 

  • Wall Street Journal Wall Street Journal

    Broccoli Rabe Is Trying to Be the Next Kale

    Wall Street Journal - 06/14/16

    Broccoli rabe is wrapped up in rice paper along with other vegetables in summer rolls, ENLARGE Turmeric, by contrast, the knobby, orange root that is a staple in Indian and other Asian cuisines, has been steadily gaining attention after research

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