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A decade ago, Eu Yan Sang general manager Joanna Wong wanted to push the idea that traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) could be used in everyday cooking. So in 2006, the TCM chain took part for the first time in the World Gourmet Summit, a food event with local and visiting chefs cooking special dinners here. via

Hazel review: Not too big, not too small, and a lot that's just right - Washington Post

GOOD/EXCELLENT The dish looks like breakfast for dinner: slices of craggy English muffins alongside what the eyes register as a sunny poached egg in a ramekin. But when my sleek wooden spreader makes contact with the “yolk,” it turns out to be a well of olive oil within a circle of thick yogurt. via

Cook of the Week - Tammie Simpson - Northwest Georgia News

This week’s Cook of the Week is Tammie Simpson. Tammie is the mother of one biological child and five adopted children. Her children are Taylor, 23. Anikia, 16. Kendall, 6. Railyn, 6. Kendric, 5. and KaShae, 8. She has been teaching for 12 years and currently teaches at Sonoraville Elementary School. via

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    Usually dishes my mum used to cook, such as braised pork belly with red yeast rice. That is a very savoury dish cooked without rice wine. Something my family also enjoys very much are my beef noodles, which are simple dry noodles topped with stir-fried 

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