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    This Time It's For Real: Goodbye Flash

    Direct Marketing News - 07/21/16

    Since Apple cast the first salvo against Flash in 2010, when Steve Jobs published an open letter addressing issues with the ubiquitous plugin, industry watchers have wondered when Flash would see its final webpage. Given Apple's considerable influence

  • Microsoft - Channel 9 (blog) Microsoft - Channel 9 (blog)

    Being Cross with WebGL and Babylon.js

    Microsoft - Channel 9 (blog) - 07/20/16

    Here's a challenge for you: what about building a 3D game over the weekend? Babylon.js is a JavaScript framework for building 3D games with HTML5, WebGL and Web Audio, built by yours truly and the Babylon.js team. To celebrate the new version 2.3 of 


    8 things you need to know about Google AMP

    CIO - 07/06/16

    "AMP-HTML is simply HTML5 with a set of specifications (requirements and restrictions)," Google's Galfi told "The optimization is powered by JavaScript, styling can be customized via CSS3, and pages are cached." Caching is core to 

  • Search Engine Land Search Engine Land

    AMP: Above and beyond

    Search Engine Land - 06/29/16

    Galfi started the session by quickly covering the basics and explaining that the project was developed as way to make the mobile web faster and more user-friendly. The goals or just web pages! AMP-HTML is simply HTML5 with a set of specifications

  • WhaTech

    PSD To HTML5 Conversion For Designing Fully Responsive and SEO-Optimized Websites

    WhaTech - 07/14/16

    PSD to HTML Conversion brings along some notable features to create a responsive design which can easily be viewed across all browsers and operating system. HTMLPanda, a leading PSD to HTML conversion provider offers exclusive PSD to HTML 

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