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  • BBC News BBC News

    How India's changing kitchens have 'modernised' food habits

    BBC News - 07/24/16

    In the 1980s, she baked a cake for the first time - without eggs and in a pressure cooker. She asked her husband for a table-top oven and, encouraged by her son and her peers' admiration, started to bake regularly, even using the eggs that were once 

  • Smithsonian Smithsonian

    What Is Eskimo Ice Cream?

    Smithsonian - 07/25/16

    An Inupiaq word meaning “to stir,” akutuq traditionally consists of animal fat mixed with seal oil, whipped together with handfuls of berries and freshly fallen snow to make a frothy, frozen concoction. (Ash Adams) Without really knowing why, I

  • Freeport Journal-Standard Freeport Journal-Standard

    As I See It: I'm not Rose but I sure do ramble

    Freeport Journal-Standard - 07/24/16

    I want to make it a positive thing for my readers, something uplifting. And in this case it It was like old-home week for us. We parted promising to get together again soon and include some others from the old J-S staff. Oh, by the way, I need some

  • Washington Post Washington Post

    'The Great British Baking Show' recap, Ep. 5: Pitta patter

    Washington Post - 07/22/16

    Brian's lessons for bakers at home: This looks like the classic, easy American cake you know, but it's made with agave nectar instead of sugar — as seen on the “Alternative Ingredients” Season 3 episode of PBS's “The Great British Baking Show.” A

  • Irish Independent Irish Independent

    Eat, drink, love East London

    Irish Independent - 07/24/16

    The aim was to eat my way around East London, home to some of the capital's coolest neighbourhoods and the focal point of Rosie Birkett and Helen Cathcart's new book: East London Food: The People, The Places, The Recipes. The book highlights the It

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