Louise Godey's Summer Picnic With Petite Chiffonette

Each Spring, especially come May, and after I've been burrowed away in my winter projects, I look up at my doll shelves and realize that most of my girls are still in Autumn or Winter finery. By the time I've redressed the ones in most need, it is. via From My Little Hole in the Wall

Pajama Jammy Jams and Historical Clothes Reviews/Historical Accessories Reviews: Maryellen's Pajamas and Hairstyling Set

Don't you love it when things conspire to make sure you get fuck all done. I sure don't. So there I was on this past Friday, planning to take some shots of Addy in her Sunday Best Set and Maryellen in her meet set, after getting the mail. via American Girl Outsider

Gift Wrapping Wrap Up: 5 Tips for Low-Waste Gifting

And if any of your New Year's resolutions involve wasting less or being more environmentally friendly, this is the post for you. First up: five tips my family uses to reduce gift-giving waste. The inspiration for this post actually starts with. via The Broketastic Blog

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    Do-it-yourself: coffee air-freshener

    Manila Bulletin - 06/28/16

    Coffee is known to be an energy booster drink. But unknown to most, its grounds has many uses. A few of its uses could be to exfoliate your skin, dye your wood work or as an insect repellent or be used as a natural deodorizer. And in the spirit of

  • Daily Mail Daily Mail

    Jeremy Corbyn faces backlash after snubbing key First World War commemoration

    Daily Mail - 05/27/16

    and South Queensferry on Saturday, ahead of the anniversary. The Battlecruiser force sailed from the Firth of Forth, and First Minister Nicola Sturgeon is among those expected to pay their respects during a wreath-laying service at Rosyth Parish

  • Daily Mail Daily Mail

    Man charged with 41 child stalking offences in western Sydney

    Daily Mail - 06/02/16

    A man has been charged with 41 child stalking offences over a six-year period in western Sydney. Police arrested the 32-year-old man on Thursday morning in South Penrith after an investigation into reports a child had been approached and photographed

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    Brian Dunkleman's wife claims he 'emotionally and physically abused' their son

    Daily Mail - 05/18/16

    Former American Idol co-host Brian Dunkleman has been accused of 'emotionally and physically abusing' his three-year-old son in the latest development in his bitter custody dispute. In newly published legal papers his estranged wife Kalea claims 

  • Daily Mail Daily Mail

    Alan Sugar blasts Jeremy Corbyn's Labour claiming 'lunatics have truly taken over'

    Daily Mail - 04/24/16

    He said he was incredulous that despite Mr Corbyn's 'crazy plans to print money to pay for public spending, and the Christmas card list that includes Hamas and the IRA', Mr Khan has no regrets about helping him to the top job. And he described Mr Khan

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