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  • Kendall County Now (subscription) Kendall County Now (subscription)

    UMC of Plano welcomes new pastor Stevan Saunders

    Kendall County Now (subscription) - 07/25/16

    The children, led by Tom Zimmermann, were very creative in welcoming Saunders and his family with balloons, good wishes, and a “gift bag” presented to family members. A cake reception was held after the 10:30 a.m. worship service. Many church family

  • Jewish Link of New Jersey Jewish Link of New Jersey

    Kids in Israel for the Year? Make Sure They Have What They Need

    Jewish Link of New Jersey - 07/24/16

    This time of year, parents and kids begin to worry about how to get everything they need into one suitcase or duffle bag. An increasing number of parents have been Setting Tamarim apart is that every gift is unique and tailor-made to fi t the

  • Voice of America (blog) Voice of America (blog)

    'A Retrieved Reformation,' by O. Henry

    Voice of America (blog) - 07/22/16

    We present the short story "A Retrieved Reformation," by O. Henry. The story was originally adapted and recorded by the U.S. Department of State. In the prison shoe-shop, Jimmy Valentine was busily at work making shoes. A prison officer came into the

  • Pawtucket Times Pawtucket Times

    YOUR TIME TO SHINE: Lincoln's Randy Hien Field ready to host Major Division state tournament

    Pawtucket Times - 07/21/16

    There will be people out front to direct traffic and make sure teams, coaches, league presidents and umpires have access to reserve parking.” ***. As for ensuring hot concessions items remain hot and others cold, “We'll feed them chowder and clam

  • GQ Magazine GQ Magazine

    What Would Donald Trump's America Look Like?

    GQ Magazine - 07/20/16

    To gaze upon the resplendent mansion at Albemarle Estate at Trump Winery in Charlottesville is to be transported back to bucolic 18th-century England, an era in which attempting to Make America Great was considered high treason against the Crown

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