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  • TechCrunch TechCrunch

    How Microsoft will put LinkedIn to work in Office

    TechCrunch - 06/13/16

    In its presentation, Microsoft explained how it could use LinkedIn's data in familiar programs, like Outlook, Skype, or Office applications like Word, Excel and PowerPoint, for example. The company says that today, there's not a single source for data

  • AOL News AOL News

    Bill Gates says these are the cheapest things that make him the happiest

    AOL News - 05/11/16

    Though his reign over the tech and business world began when he co-founded Microsoft, he's turned his successes into opportunities for other endeavors and entrepreneurial pursuits. These days, he runs the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (an 

  • Worcester Telegram Worcester Telegram

    Nielsen hopes to bring science to TV casting

    Worcester Telegram - 06/22/16

    NEW YORK — Ashton Kutcher as a television morning show host? Aaron Paul as an advertising spokesman for hybrid automobiles? Those are two of the ideas suggested by a new analytics tool unveiled by the Nielsen company Wednesday, one that it 

  • Worcester Telegram

    Trump peddles suspect claims about Clinton

    Worcester Telegram - 06/23/16

    THE FACTS: These statements make only passing acquaintance with reality. There was no U.S. invasion of Libya. Clinton initially opposed but then sought credit for the NATO-led air campaign to help rebels overthrow Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi in 

  • Minneapolis Star Tribune Minneapolis Star Tribune

    Prolific Minnesota playwright confronts nation's troubled racial past

    Minneapolis Star Tribune - 05/20/16

    A journeywoman with two decades' experience, Ham has had four plays staged in the Twin Cities area this year and just won a $197,000 Mellon Foundation residency for the next three years that will enable her to scale back on her other activities and

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